latteya (latteya) wrote,

One of those moments...

Last year when I signed on to write a middle grade series with Feiwel and Friends, billed as a cross between Lost and Swiss Family Robinson, Jean Feiwel suggested I read Swiss Family Robinson. I immediately went to my shelves to see if I had it. I thought I had a copy somewhere but couldn't find it, so I downloaded an e copy. So fast forward a year and the first book of the series is in copy edits and the second is with my editor. But believe me, I've been tuned into everything Swiss Family Robinson for over a year now. So today I was starting to pack up some of my books for our impending move in August. I have a lot of old books. A lot. So only part of me was surprised when I found this:photo (2)photo (3)And it had this inscription:photoMartin Stuve was my grandfather, my dad's dad. He was killed in a horrific accident when my dad was little, leaving my gramma with three little kids. (She then did the biblical thing and married his brother. So my Grampa Manley was actually my great-uncle.) I never knew Martin's birthday before today when I saw this. I was born two days after what would have been his 60th birthday. I think I just figured out the dedication to the first book of the series.
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