latteya (latteya) wrote,

The Compound disguised as Core Curriculum...

Today I received this email from a teacher: I teach 10th grade English to students with learning disabilities, mild cognitive disabilities, and emotional disabilities.  It is close to impossible to find a novel that all are interested in and will actually participate in discussion about.  I begged and begged my director and she was able to purchase me a class set of your novel, The Compound.  It's such a pleasure to teach this novel!   ALL my kids listen while I read and have much to discuss, which never happens.  They even groan and complain when we have to stop reading or class is over.  I've even had two of my copies come up missing and two students who checked it out of the library for their parents to read.  I wish I could convey to you how unusual this is!  I teach the core curriculum, the same standards, as a general education class and it is very difficult for my students.  They are now working on these standards and don't even realize it because they are so excited about his story.  THANK YOU!
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